Swimming pool maintenance

Poor pool maintenance is a source of many health problems, such as ear infections, stomach and intestinal complaints. Clear water does not guarantee healthy swimming water. Measuring the pH value and chlorine content is not enough. Paca Keyholding works with a professional team. The water is regularly checked for various measured values. These values ​​are corrected if necessary. Only in this way is clear water healthy swimming water. Swimming pool maintenance includes: vacuuming the pool bottom, cleaning the pool sides from the waterline, sampling for determination of chlorine content and contamination, updating and maintaining the water quality and refilling if necessary.

Garden care

You are staying in the Netherlands or Belgium and your second home is in Spain. The moment you think you are going to your house in Spain, you think at the same time: "In what condition will I find the garden. Is the terrace clean?" These questions can cause stress in advance. You think you are going on holiday and on arrival it turns out that instead of enjoying yourself, you have to work during your holiday. Clean the terrace. Before you know it, the holiday is already over! Unfortunately! Garden care is taken to mean: checking watering systems, keeping the terrace and the plot clean. For weed weeding, pruning and replanting or replacing plants, we can contact a professional team.