Cleaning service for houses under our management

As a holiday home owner, it is always nice that you do not have to brush here, so you can also use our refresh or cleaning service. Then we will discuss this with you in advance.

You can also use this service if you rent out your home or lend it to family.

You probably know the feeling yourself. When you enter your rented holiday home, you always have to wait and see what you will find. Is the holiday home as the website promised? Is it nice and clean? If that's the case, your vacation really starts. And it has to be really clean.

Cleaning holiday homes is always different from cleaning people's private homes. When cleaning holiday homes, we clean everything, empty the fridge, clean everything, etc.

Here too you can indicate what you require from us.

When cleaning holiday homes it is always very important that everything is neat and tidy for the next tenants on your next visit.

For cleaning work on holiday homes, we always first make an appointment with the owner of the house. We will then discuss your wishes and clearly note the days of the changes of the tenants of your home and make a schedule when cleaning needs to be done.

In short, you can always count on the Paca team.